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PRAMAC generators- high winds
Strong winds may make people fall down, but the most serious consequences may be caused by objects falling down or wrecked by gusts (branches, roofing tiles, vases, electricity posts, road signals, advertising signs, frames, etc.), that, depending on the intensity of the wind can move light or heavy objects, up to knocking down trees or unroof houses.
  • Listen to the radio or watch TV for any warnings about bad weather
  • Sort and secure objects both at home and at work that lie in areas exposed to the wind and run the risk of being taken away by wind gusts (vases and other objects on windowsills and balconies, antennas or roofing tiles fixed precariously, etc.)
  • Stay away from windows. Cover yourself with a blanket or jacket to protect yourself from flying debris or broken glass
  • Seek shelter in the lowest level of your house, preferably a basement or storm cellar, or a smaller inner room, inner hallway or closet