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Off Grid: Battery Energy Storage Solutions

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Today’s energy grid is facing an unprecedented set of challenges, the need to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, spiking demand due to the increased electrification of electric vehicles, homes and consequently infrastructure instability. Pramac, as global leader in the energy sector, provides the widest range of hybrid and environmental friendly power solutions.

The Group is committed to lead the evolution to more resilient, efficient and sustainable energy solutions and with a broad suite of products to support this energy transition.

Among our eco-friendly products, Pramac offers a dedicated Off Grid range of Battery Energy Storage solutions to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

A Battery Energy Storage system allows the storage of energy from multiple sources: generator, solar or the grid.

You can then redistribute that energy, at a later time, to a site that needs power.








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 Our Off Grid Battery Energy Storage is a versatile product, which can be used as:


Ideal way to meet needs of zero noise environments like night operations, remote telecom applications, or to resolve low load challenges.


In hybrid mode, this technology is compatible with any diesel genset. In any demanding application like events and construction sites, where low loads or peaks can be a problem for the generator, the hybrid solution is ideal to improve the overall performances of the site.

Hybrid power systems manage the operation of your diesel generator. When power demand is low, the generator turns off. When the battery runs low or power demand increases, the generator is turned on.

The result is less running hours, more efficient consumption of fuel, less emissions, less maintenance


Hybrid solutions are indeed ideal to convert traditional technologies into greener solutions, with a significant cost saving and a low environmental impact.

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Our Off Grid Battery Energy Storage range delivers a clean and efficient energy solution across a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

Our product is a mobile power bank with different enclosures configurations (canopy, container, trailer mounted) for construction, events, utilities, remote off-grid for commercial and domestic, EV charging.