Hand Pallet Trucks


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  • Hand Pallet Trucks

  • GS 25

    GS 25 folder

    Entry level model to the hand pallet trucks range, the GS25 has a capacity of 2500 kg and is available in the forks dimensions that allow handling the most common pallets including Euro pallets. Equipped with the new cast iron hydraulic unit with integrated oil tank and chromed piston. The ergonomic tiller has a practical and maintenance-free fixing system while the directional polyurethane wheels are standard.

  • GS EVO

    GS evo folder

    In addition to the GS25 features, the EVO model is designed with an ergonomic 3D tiller that assures the handling of heavier loads. Moreover, the hydraulic unit includes a sensitive and safe forks control system, while the forks are equipped with the entry/exit rollers to allow easier entrance and quicker exit from a closed pallet. The load rollers, like the directional wheels, are in non-marking polyurethane for safe and silent movement of goods.

  • GS EVO 30

    GS PRO

    A complete range of extremely tough and resistant hand pallet truck for heavy duty applications, with lifting capacity up to 3.000 kg.

  • GS EVO Special

    GS evo 1800x525

    The GS Special pallet truck range provides hand pallet trucks with a variety of widths and fork dimensions, suitable for handling different size pallets. These trucks are available with a number of accessories including rubber steering wheels, manual control brake and low profile version.

  • GS EVO Silence

    GS evo silence 1150x525

    The GS EVO Silenced hand palletruck has been designed to strongly reduce the noise emission even in the worse working condition: rough and tiled surfaces.
    The result is an ideal machine for the usage on residential areas  deliveries and in supermarket stores



    The ideal pallet truck to handle loads in humid and damp conditions. In particular the stainless steel model is suitable for environments where high hygienic standards are enforced, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food & beverage industry.