Pramac, we are the energy generation!


Corporate Strategy


PRAMAC is a young and dynamic company that is founded on a solid historical basis, but that leverages its versatility and flexibility to produce innovation and competitiveness. Values ​​that are the basis of this dynamic entrepreneurial reality are the constant desire for growth and renewal, the culture of quality and respect for the environment, attention to customer satisfaction.

As a global group, our corporate purpose is to lead the evolution to more resilient, efficient and sustainable energy solutions and have a broad suite of products that supports this energy transition.



The Group has published its 1st ESG Report highlighting its commitment in the development of clean energy products and services; PRAMAC indeed has today implemented a wide range of products that helps operators to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

IMPROVE ENERGY RESILIENCE AND INDEPENDENCE:  increase power reliability through onsite generation and storage solutions that provide resiliency for homes, businesses and communities.

OPTIMIZE ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND CONSUMPTION: enable sustainable and more efficient power generation and consumption through monitoring, management and lower-carbon solutions.

PROTECT AND BUILD CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE: offering innovative solutions that enable and protect next-generation power, communications, transportation and other critical infrastructure.