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  • "Agile" is the great innovation Lifter by Pramac to be presented at Logimat in Stuttgart

  • Lifter by Pramac_Agile
  • A great innovation proposed by Lifter by Pramac will be presented in the 17th edition of Logimat, the Stuttgart-based fair - scheduled from 19 to 21 February - which in the last three years has seen its numbers grow exponentially, taking on an international dimension.

    The new model of motorized pallet truck "Agile", an innovative solution for logistics for retail will be presented on Tuesday February 19th at Pramac's stand (Halle 10, Stand C07).

    Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, Agile can be considered a "Smart Pallet Truck" because of its features that combine versatility and maneuverability with ease of use even when fully loaded. The double motorized wheel provides an effective mix of speed, stability, and silence thanks to the two powerful AC motors.

    In addition to the extremely low weight (85kg), one of the main features introduced by Agile is its modularity that guarantees the possibility of installing different types of forks on a single drive unit.