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  • Pramac’s innovative natural gas generator in a complex and challenging installation for Hilton Doubletree


    The remodeling of Hilton Doubletree hotel in an historical building in Trieste’s downtown required all the features that were specific of Pramac’s design.

    This included limited facilities for a plant room and limited land space for a back-up generator to be installed at ground level. Due to the roof top location, this meant that traditional diesel fuel could not be stored or transferred and even though natural gas in Trieste city was available, the pressure was very low.

    PRAMAC / Generac innovative technology provided the solution in a complex and challenging installation

    Pramac Generator GGW200 features a proven and trusted US-built gas engine from Generac which is used for emergency stand-by applications.

    To ensure full operation with low gas pressure, a low-pressure fuel system was incorporated into the set.

    This enabled the engine to deliver the full stand-by power with only 17 mbar of gas pressure at the inlet on the gen-set.

    This was enough to allow full-load operation without the need of gas recompression on-site, therefore helping to save time on the installation

    With quick start and high load impact, PRAMAC gas generators can deliver the full standby power with low-pressure gas supply.

    A Pramac GGW200 Natural Gas generator set is now installed on the building’s rooftop providing clean and reliable backup power, while running on low gas pressure from the gas grid.