Pramac, we are the energy generation!


  • Pramac - Lifter: european stronghold.

  • During 2014, Pramac Ibérica S.A.U. has grown in the markets it serves, achieving objectives and expanding the company´s internationalization plan. Special mention to the rebound in the handling division, Lifter has managed to stand up to the Chinese manufacturers and exporters, defending the last European stronghold in manufacturing hand pallet trucks. In turn, the Pramac engineering division, has worked tirelessly and have developed several major projects, some of which have materialized along this year and others will be released in the next 2015: Bi Fuel Project. This important project places Pramac at the head of technological innovation in the field of power generation, developing a generator capable of running on diesel and natural gas indistinctly, optimizing spending, maximizing autonomy and reducing emissions to the environment. New Hybrid Series, this is an innovative solution that combines diesel power generation with an energy management and storage system that can increase the autonomy up to 16 hours of overtime thanks to lithium batteries. New Telecom Series has established Pramac as a leader in the sector. These specially designed generators are fully customizable, have a modular structure and are equipped with features that make them the best choice for any application of telecommunications. New Rental Series, a strong commitment with the rental sector, which has led Pramac to design a specific genset that complies the exigent European Stage IIIA emissions standards and meets all the needs of industry.