Pramac, we are the energy generation!


  • Andrea Iannone will be the Pramac brand worldwide ambassador

  • The official Ducati Team MotoGP rider, who stepped into the podium for the first time after the opening 2015 MotoGP race on Sunday, will be wearing the Pramac logo on the protective gear to be worn by him during the 2015 top class races.

    The relationship between Pramac and Andrea Iannone, who broke all Pramac Racing Team records scoring 159 points during the last two MotoGP seasons, is therefore stronger than ever.

    The mutual esteem binding the rider from Vasto to the Pramac CEO Paolo Campinoti, tightened the bond further. Pramac has collaborated with Ducati for over a decade, and Andrea Iannone will carry on wearing the Pramac logo from the start of the new adventure with the team from Borgo Panigale.

    Yet another reason to support Ducati Team and Pramac Racing during what is bound to be a thrilling season for Ducati fans.