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Power solutions for a church in Paraguay



The Centro Familiar de Adoración Church requested assistance from PRAMAC, through COMAGRO, in order to guarantee permanent power supply for its temple and offices inaugurated in 2008. The building covers an area of 48,000 m2 and has a main auditorium with capacity for 10,000 seated attendees. The generator set had to be able to supply power to offices, air conditioning, lighting and audio systems for the entire building. The solution to the energy need was achieved by installing 4 GSW560V diesel generators, linked by a 3,200A common parallel bar and 4 automatic load transfer panels with 800A capacity.


• Power LTP 565 kVA
• Power PRP 504 kVA
• Frequency 50 Hz
• Tension 400 V
• Engine VOLVO TAD1641GE
• Alternator MECCALTE ECO40-3S/4
• Closed version
• Fuel filter with water separator
​• Modular parallel panel
• Pre-heating system