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PRAMAC generators for oil and gas activities

With increasing global energy demand and an ever-changing economic scenario, the oil and gas sector faces new challenges and opportunities. PRAMAC is a great ally for supplying the power you need, with special and customized solutions.

People are counting on you and you can rely on PRAMAC.

The petroleum industry is a huge business, moving every year multibillion-dollar projects, that includes many activities, such as searching for potential crude oil and natural gas fields, drilling and operating wells, refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing of natural gas, as well as the distribution of products. After years of high prices and rising costs, the industry is now under intense pressure to increase efficiency and productivity minimizing the environmental impact of its operations.

PRAMAC can serve the Oil&GAS market offering durable and reliable power generators that can stand up to tough operating environments. We help you install, set-up the generator, testing it to ensure everything is working properly and we assure ongoing maintenance and support.

The main projects PRAMAC implemented for the oil and gas industry have been realized for the drilling sector in Italy and the UK and facing extreme weather conditions in Norway supplying generating set operating at very low temperatures. Other power solutions supported gas production and exploiting activities in Papua New Guinea and Romania.

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