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PRAMAC designed an emergency generator set destined to Jabugo. The start-up of the project meant an investment of 73,5 million euros. The facilities have an area larger than 58,000 square meters and will include cutting edge technology; its productive capacity will be 2.5 million processed hams and shoulder joints and 300,000 kilos yearly of Iberian pork processed products. Due to the plant productive capacity, the client relied on PRAMAC's professionalism and engineering to grant the assignment of the generator set for emergency work. The genset chosen was a GSW1160B, which supplies energy in the event of a failure in the electrical network. PRAMAC exceeded the customer's expectations in terms of technology and delivery time, completing the supply and installation satisfactorily.


• Power LTP 1120 kVA
• Power PRP 1053 kVA
• Frequency 60 Hz
• Tension 400 V
• Engine Baudouin 12M26G1100/5
• Alternator MECCALTE ECO43-1M
• GCB2. Circuit breaker 4 poles
• RS485 communication module
• Incorporated fuel tank of 1000 liters
• PHS. Preheating system