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Pramac Finance by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Through BNP Paribas, Pramac can provide financial products specifically designed to meet your needs. Available financial contracts include:

  • FINANCIAL LEASING: pay a monthly fee to use the product, with the option to buy the good at the end of the contract (up to 72 months).
  • OPERATING LEASING: utilization of the product under the payment of a monthly fee, with the option of extending the leasing or giving the product back to the institution at the end of the contract ( up to 72 months).

Whatever your necessities, PRAMAC can speed you your purchases and make your machines operational with fast financing and custom payment plans. Make a valuable investment, finance it with affordable payments over an extended time horizon, and without impacting other lines of credit.


*PRAMAC Finance provides the service through BNP PARIBAS

**Product available only for France, Italy, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom




Financial leasing The institution finances the asset, you use it.
Financial leasing with option to buy You can take ownership of the machine at expiration date by paying the residual value (known when the contract is signed)
Operating leasing You use the equipment but cannot buy it. At expiry, the asset can be returned or the leasing can be extended.
Leasing with services A more inclusive operating leasing, providing additional features such as equipment servicing and maintenance.



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