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  • Agile - the smart pallet truck by Lifter. Fast, stable, and light semi-electric truck


    Le premier transpalette motorisé innovant qui combine fonctions électrique et manuelle pour une utilisation pratique. Compact, léger et facile d'utilisation, AGILE est le transpalette idéal pour minimiser les efforts de l'opérateur, augmenter l'efficacité et la sécurité. AGILE EN TOUTE SITUATION
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    Agile Plus

    The AGILE Plus version offers the same specification of the standard AGILE with 20% longer endurance trough higher power battery and with an on board computer that offer several information and the possibility to regulate the maximum speed of the machine. The AGILE series with integrated scale is the evolution of the range, designed to move and weigh the transported loads instantly and make logistics processes more efficient.