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Power solutions for an offshore Windmill Farm in the UK

Power Generators-Power Plant Backup-United Kingdom


PRAMAC supported the construction of the LONDON ARRAY offshore Windmill Farm (UK), by providing 51 generators, placed offshore. Due to this particular remote location, the genset units have been equipped with a double wall metal tank (500L) and extended oil tank (7L) together with an auto refilling system. The galvanized canopy and all the related elements, made in galvanized steel, secure excellent protection against rust and corrosion.


• Power LTP 63,6 kVA standby power

• Power PRP 61,3 kVA prime power

• Voltage: 690v.

• Frequency: 50 Hz.

• Engine: Deutz BF4M2011C with EMRII electronic regulation.

• Alternator: ECP 32 1L

• Canopy: Galvanized canopy and baseframe,

• Control Panel: Automatic Control panel equipped with COMAP AC03 control unit.

• Special equipment: Remote control by means of GSM Kit, Painted on RAL 9016,

All exhaust parts made in galvanized steel, Automatic Fuel Pump to connect genset to an external extended fuel tank, Dummy Load System, 8Kw, 7L Extended Oil Tank together with Oil refilling System, Extended Fuel tank 500L, special baseframe floor design in order to avoid any windmill platform damage.