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Power solutions for a supermarket logistic platform in France

Saint Quentin Fallavier


LIDL, one of the most important supermarket in France, was elected as the best supermarket by its customers in 2017. In the same year in Saint Quentin Fallavier, a new logistic platform of 12.000 m² with an electricity need of 1.1 MW was created; it daily supplies 57 supermarkets. To avoid all disadvantages and problems caused by power failures, it was crucial for LIDL to ensure its power and operations with a generator, trusting PRAMAC with this mission. PRAMAC provided the generator that best suited their needs, a GCW1650P, to ensure LIDL activities continuity. PRAMAC also gives the opportunity to customize generators with special colors, to suit customer’s needs.



• Power LTP 1620 kVA
• Power PRP 1550 kVA
• Frequency 50 Hz
• Tension 400 V
• Engine PERKINS 4012-46TAG2A
• Alternator MECCALTE ECO46 1S
• Container 40' noise level 75 +/-3 dB(A) @ 7 m
• Double wall fuel tank inside container capacity 6000 L