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GAS Residential

Empower your life, reach peace of mind thanks to Pramac Powerknight 8*-20 kVA  Natural Gas and propane-fuelled generators range. Know the status of your generator anytime, anywhere with the new Mobile Link™ cellular monitoring system.

Our lives depend on power. Cooling, security systems, warm water, lighting and other daily necessities like cooking, washers and bath for your kids, but also regular business activities such as cash registering, goods production and services offering: our lifestyle is literally based on power. An automatic gas standby generator is the ideal solution to protect your home and business from the discomforts of power outages that happen more often than ever and last longer, with devastating effects.

With an automatic Gas Standby generator, as soon as the power goes out, the generator automatically comes on. It’s really just that simple.


The Pramac Powerknight is available in various sizes, in order to satisfy the different needs of homeowners and small-business owners and their power needs. Opt for one of our pre-packaged solutions or ask our dealers and contractors to help you design the best solution for you.


Pramac gas backup generators are directly linked to your power supply, freeing you from the hassle of refuelling the machine. With a Powerknight genset, you won’t have to deal with gas bottles; save them for your outdoor equipment!


Thanks to the True Power™ technology, Pramac gas standby generators line offers the market’s best power quality, with less than 5% of Total Armonic Distortion to guarantee the smooth functioning of your most sensible devices.


To learn more about Pramac’s Gas home backup range, visit our FAQs page.
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*Product not RoHS-compliant