New Gas Partner for Pramac-Generac UK: Rapid Plans in Ireland


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  • New Gas Partner for Pramac-Generac UK: Rapid Plans in Ireland

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  • Under the expansion plans for Ireland, Pramac-Generac UK has appointed Rapid Power Generation as a partner for the Pramac Industrial Gas range as the region diversifies its energy portfolio and looks to new fuels to support stand-by power needs.  


    Based in County Armagh in Northern Ireland, Rapid Power Generation offers 30 years knowledge and experience in power generation supplying open, canopied and containerised power solutions for prime, stand-by and mission critical power applications.


    Barry Taaffe, director of Rapid Power Generation said: “Pramac is one of the world’s largest suppliers of generator equipment and they have always been at the forefront when it comes to new technology. Once we heard they had teamed up with Generac, another world leader for diesel and natural gas generators, we knew there was no better partner for us.”


    Leading the charge for gas as an alternative stand-by power, the Pramac Industrial gas range offers several models starting from 200kVa.


    The rich burn natural gas sets provide longer runtimes and a greener fuel solution for stand-by power applications with low nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions as low as 20mg/Nm3, and virtually no particulate matter without the need for complex and exhaust aftertreatment systems than comparable diesel fuelled engines.  


    Barry continues: “Our heritage, like many power genset manufacturers has been in diesel technology. But with an eye on the future regarding power demand and greener energy we have taken a good hard look at what we can offer our customers in respect to greener energy solutions. The natural gas option from Pramac is definitely a cleaner and resilient option.”


    Fitted at the core with proven spark ignited engines from Generac®, the Pramac Industrial gas range offers increased run time as well as reduced OPEX costs. As natural gas is supplied by a utility feed it means that refuelling is not an issue, thus avoiding high OPEX costs on logistics, particularly in urban green zones, and expenses for fuel storage and polishing.


    Rapid Power will work closely with contractors and consultants working on mission critical sectors including data center technology, healthcare and finance, as they look to source and specify cleaner energy and more cost effective fuel options.


    Dave Curry, Business Development Manager, Pramac-Generac UK said: “We extend a warm welcome to all of the team at Rapid Power Generation as we look to accelerate awareness of natural gas as a viable and resilient stand-by power option.”


    In 2020, the range will further grow to units up to 750 kVA.