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  • The first meeting of PRAMAC distributors in Russia

  • The PRAMAC company started 2016 year in Russia with considerable changes in dealership policy. According to the Director of "PRAMAC-RUS" LLC. Pablo Gomez Morante, this policy is aimed at strengthening the position of PRAMAC in Russia in the conditions of crisis. The company intends to increase significantly the number of complex projects, with the implementation in cooperation with distributors, improve the quality of after sales support, build a market of fair competition in retail sales.  To achieve this goal, the company plans new, higher-quality technical and commercial methods of work, as well as close cooperation with distributors.

    For these purposes on 12th of February in Moscow was organized the meeting of key parnters of PRAMAC in the range portable and stationary generating sets. The meeting had a format of the round table. During this meeting company announced the change in dealership policy, the new approach to work and also discussed the issues of interaction and cooperation. Also PRAMAC presented the new items in model range, which would help to increase the competitiveness of the brand in Russia and get more market share.