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  • Pramac and the LEAN thinking: towards the continuous improvement

  • The word “Lean” indicates the organizational and managerial methodology coming from the so-called “Toyota Production System”, created by the Toyota Corporation.

    Today this word has gained a broad diffusion in many fields (industry, service, public institutions, etc.) and, inside a company, in many departments (from the production lines to the warehouse and the offices).

    This is possible because the principles and the fundamental methods of the Lean Thinking can be applied to any operational process.

    So what is “Lean”, shortly? The definition given by one of the most important institutes in this sector is: “a system aiming to people development and to the continuous improvement of processes, with the target to create value optimizing the available resources”. Therefore Lean is not a method only, but a way of thinking and a “practical philosophy”.

    The main reasons to apply Lean in an organization are: because it is founded on very strong ethics, because it brings effective and systematic benefits in quality improvement, because it increases productivity, because it increases the service level, because it reduces costs and, above all, increases the workers satisfaction. This approach guarantees to the organizations a continuous, sustainable and long-term growth.

    Pramac also strongly believes in Lean Thinking and adopts in its strategy a “Pramac Lean System”, aiming to spread structural long-term improvements in the company.

    This system, following the principles set by Toyota, is portrayed by a house: the basic skills are its sturdy foundations, holding up two pillars (Just-In-Time e Jidoka) representing the tools needed to support the roof, namely the target, that is the continuous pursuit of perfection to reach the production of the only goods actually requested by the market, using a one-by-one flow without big batches or stock, preventing wastes and defects, assuring the maximum safety.

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