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  • The brand new “Pramac Village School” in Casole d'Elsa

  • In the heart of Tuscany, just a short walk from Pr Industrial's HQs, the “Pramac Village School” has just opened its doors. The structure has been built by state funds, own resources and the contribution of private companies such as Pr Industrial, that secured 100.000€ for its realization.
    This initiative confirms Pr Industrial's strong territorial vocation, as underlined by the Mayor of Casole d' Elsa - Piero Pii during the inauguration ceremony attended by Alessandro Piazzi - CEO of Estra Spa, Eugenio Giani - President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, the Prefect of Siena - Armando Gradone, Mr. Luigi Dallai – member of the Italian Parliament, Alberto Silvani -  Bishop of Volterra and Monica Martinucci, school master of the 2nd school district "Arnolfo di Cambio" and of course Paolo Campinoti – CEO of Pr Industrial.

    "Today we celebrate the birth, in partnership with the companies and in particular with Pr Industrial, of the Pramac Village School - said Mr. Pii - with the aim to connect the schools to the business realities operating in our territory”.
    Pramac Village School will be a model to follow, thanks to its strong HI-Tech connotation: the thirteen classrooms, all equipped with multimedia whiteboards and iPad, are the starting point for other new and ambitious projects, such as the empowerment project, that will make every network and afterschool tool freely available to all".

    Before the ceremony, the children of the Pramac Village School gave a real ovation to Danilo Petrucci, MotoGP rider of the Pramac Racing team, just back from the sensational second place in the San Marino Grand Prix.

    "It was an extraordinary experience - said Danilo Petrucci. I would never have expected to find myself opening a school. The children embrace was exciting. I thank Pramac for this opportunity”.