2018 Pramac Russia distributors Annual Conference


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  • 2018 Pramac Russia distributors Annual Conference

  • PRAMAC Russia - Distributors - Annual Conference
  • The third Annual Conference of PRAMAC Distributors in Russia was held on 15 of February 2018. Representatives of all partners arrived to Saint Petersburg to sum up the 2017 results.
    PRAMAC announced new models, expanding the Mobile range: new generators in the P and PX series, LSW lighting towers with metal halide lights, new open inverter PMi and others. 
    Additionally, a new series of industrial generators GTW / GTA and DC Hybrid, which are designed specifically for the Telecommunication, were presented. These series represent the perfect solution for tenders and special projects. 

    The presentation of the GGW series, consisting of gas generators whose sales appeal are excellent reliability, European quality and low maintenance costs, was welcomed with a positive response from our partners. You can discover more about PRAMAC’s gas gensets by visiting www.pramac.com/gas.
    One of the pleasant news was the announcement of the expansion of the technical department of PRAMAC Russia, which started work in full force since March 1.
    Moreover, the technical service presented the Training program for technical engineers and commercial sales managers. Training will be conducted over three stages with the provision of Certificates upon the successful completion of each level.
    In the afternoon, the Open Discussion took place, and partners were able to express their feedback on the relationship with PRAMAC Russia. As a result of this discussion, PRAMAC and its partners identified several key areas of improvement, which can lead both to great success in 2018.