Pramac’s energy back for F1 in the Singapore Circuit after the Qatar MotoGP


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  • Pramac’s energy back for F1 in the Singapore Circuit after the Qatar MotoGP

  • After the Qatar Grand Prix in MotoGP, Pramac is back on four wheels for the F1 Singapore GP
  • From Casole d’Elsa in the heart of Tuscany to the La Spezia port, waiting to be shipped in 14 Singapore-bound containers. About a month: that is how long it will take the 26 Pramac GSW 560V to take the first step towards their fascinating mission of providing energy for the lighting of the Formula 1 GP, set to be staged in Singapore on September 16th.

    After supplying energy to “light up” Qatar’s desert and provide lighting for the MotoGP weekend in Doha, Pramac is back on four wheels, after the experience in the very same circuit, where Pramac generators provided illumination for the first nightly held race in the Singapore City circuit, an installation dating back to the 2008/09 season.

    Along the track,12 posts will be hosting two gensets each. The generators will run in parallel and are able to provide up to 436kW each. Moreover, two Super Silent GSW560 gensets will be installed in proximity of one of the most prominent hotels in the Asian metropolis.

    All the machines will be equipped with synchronization panels to guarantee increased reliability and redundancy, also ensured thanks to the availability of a remote control system.

    Along with the GSW560V, 12 GSW65, manufactured in the Murcia (Spain) plant, will be present to provide support services such as the filming at night, realized by the many cameras all over the circuit.