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  • Unveiling the GA series: Pramac's new Gas Home Standby Generators

  • Stay sheltered from winter power outages with Pramac’s brand new Gas Home Standby generators range. Download the App and always be connected

    Unveiled in occasion of the Pramac Motorrad Deutschland GP, the brand new Gas-fueled Home Standby Generators range guarantees a consistent shelter for your home, office or business in case of power outage.

    Power outages may occur all throughout the year, but are most likely to happen during the winter period in association with severe weather conditions.

    One of the most anticipated features is the dedicated “Mobile Link™​” application, which allows monitoring the state of the generator anywhere, anytime via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Real time access to the information of the connected generator, such as power in the grid, current state of the unit, alerts and maintenance schedule, helps to plan ahead and ensure the maximum efficiency of the system.

    Mobile Link™ empowers the user with full control over the genset in any given moment, anywhere in the world. Linked to the building fuel supply – Liquid Propane or Natural Gas – the backup generator turns on in a matter of seconds after automatically detecting grid power loss and guarantees power supply for the whole duration of the outage.

    Pramac GA series features multiple advantages; amongst others:

    • The generator automatically starts in a matter of seconds, as a power outage occurs.
    • It is fully compatible with any electronic equipment thanks to True Power Technology™ (<5% total harmonic distortion)
    • Hourly running cost is cheaper than traditional fossil fuels
    • Helps to a cleaner environment thanks to low exhaust emissions
    • It does not need refueling, since it is in permanent connection to liquid propane or natural gas main supply of the building.
    • Being active 24/7 and automatically turning off when power is back, it does not need attended monitoring during power outages
    • It is Mobile Link™​ compatible, allowing for remote monitoring via PC, tablet and smartphone
    • Designed and built to be installed outside, in the open air, resistant to extreme weather conditions and suitable for saline environments.