Pramac's generators on TV for the Basse-Terre (France) hospital


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  • Pramac's generators on TV for the Basse-Terre (France) hospital

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  • Every little step forward is a glimmer of hope!

    The hospital of Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) has been renovated to comply with the industry standards. But before beginning roadworks, it was time to replace the power generators, the main goal being to insure the hospital’s electricity supply and to defend the building and its patients from a power outage. Whenever the healthcare industry is concerned, it is of the most vital importance that the power supply is available 24/7, since the patients’ lives are at stake.

    To carry out this crucial mission, Serec contacted Pramac. The 360° collaboration with the Italian based company provided the hospital with a solution rather than just a product: two GCW2025P Pramac generators, whose main advantage is the start speed. In case of black out, the generators restore the electricity in as little as 10 seconds, compared to the 40 seconds it took the old hospital generators. This empowers the healthcare provider, which can keep treating its patients as if the outage did not happen, and for an extended timespan, guaranteed by Pramac generators’ generous autonomy of four days.

    Both for the hospital and for the citizens of Basse-Terre, this is a very important project.‚Äč So much so that a report was broadcast on TV during the evening news on the channel “Guadeloupe Première” (French television), airing on May 4, 2018. Directed by A. Robin, L. Gaydu, M. Avril and T. Artis.

    Watch the video report below:

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