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Discover PRAMAC Business areas:


POWER - In the energy production field, PRAMAC offers solutions for every operational demand, both for Standby and Prime use applications with diesel and gas engine options available.  Moreover, PRAMAC industrial natural gas generators offer the opportunity, in addition to their use as an emergency standby asset, to be used for self-power generation, lowering or eliminating the peak of consumption from the utility and generating economic advantages for the clients. As leader in our market, we provide the widest range of hybrid and environmental friendly power solutions. PRAMAC classifies its offer in two macro-sectors:




PRAMAC’s home & small business products include portable generators for professional and semi-professional use, fuelled by diesel or gas, backup generators and other power equipment. Our backup generators meet the needs of customers who want to protect their own home, family and business from power outages. Behind emergency, our battery storage system allows homeowners, or light commercial activities, to store energy and redistribute it during the night, for example. Quality, efficiency and high product standards are achieved through the use of modern design and manufacturing techniques, exceeding international regulations for noise and environmental pollution.





PRAMAC proposes a wide offering of products for each business or industrial need, relying on different kinds of fuelling systems:


Commercial & Industrial generators: Diesel, Gas, Telecom, Customized Solution


Rental solutions: Mobile generators, Lighting towers and Other mobile products.

Among this range Battery energy storage solutions are available as:
- Hybrid, combined with generator, solar or grid
- Stand alone configuration




PRAMAC manufactures a complete range of warehouse material handling equipment meeting the demands and requirements of customers globally.


The fully integrated production and the on-going development of our trucks ensure that the entire range of machines delivers quality and performance.


From the lightest duties to the most intense applications, our attention to detail and dedication to innovation guarantee that the entire range of machines comply with all applicable safety regulations. All MHE products are Lifter by Pramac branded and most of them are manufactured in Italy.


SERVICE AND PARTS - PRAMAC has a strong commitment to Customer Care, demonstrated by the creation of a highly specialized business unit, dedicated to Customer Satisfaction.

PRAMAC offers a full range of spare parts and components and have a highly trained after sales team who ensure the first class support of customers worldwide.

On our dedicated parts website customers can conveniently place orders and gain direct access to user manuals, technical documentation, S&P catalogues, maintenance programs and price lists.