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AMF Panel automatycznego załączania rezerwy Digital control panel to run the generator automatically after a Mains failure.Power terminals are placed inside the box and connected both to generator and mains.  It is delivered loose. 
MPF Ręczny panel sterowania pełna opcja Analogical full-equiped manual control panel to monitorize engine, alternator, generator switches and indicators. Easily accessible through analogical devices. Output is provided by sockets, directly connecting to the power terminals or both.
MPP Panel sterowania do pracy równoległej Digital automatic control panel which allows to  run the generator either in parallel to the Mains or in island with oher gensets (up to 32). Includes load sharing and peak shaving functions.  Strongly recommended when required maximum flexibility as applications for the generating set.
ETB Zewnętrzna listwa zaciskowa Power output consisting of cupper bars for an easy connection to the terminals. It is mounted on the control panel of the generator and is compatible with other output solutions. Strongly recommended for rental purposes.
RSS Możliwość zdalnego sterowania It allows the user to run and stop the generator from a remote place by connecting the pre-wiring available to his own control panel or device.
SKB Zestaw gniazd It allows the user to output the generating power through 4 /5 different sockets provided with individual circuit breakers and earth fault protection.
TIF IV polowy wyłącznik zamiast III polowego It protects the generator by breaking the triphase and neutral power connections to the load in case of failure detection.
RCG Zdalne sterowanie agregatem It allows the user to manage and control the generator running from a remote PC, directly connecting to the RS232 port present on the digital unit or by means of a GSM modem. Other monitorization systems are available under request.
KPR Zestaw premium It increases the scope of the generator equipment by adding leak proof tray and lube oil drain pump.
AFP Automatyczna pompa transferu paliwa It allows the user to fill the fuel tank automatically by means of an electric pump mounted on the generator and controlled by the digital control unit, using an external tank for instance.
DCC  Inny kolor obudowy It allows the user to change the colour of the generator from the standard green to a customized one.
EEG Elektroniczny regulator silnika It replaces the mechanical governor present as standard in some engine models for an electronic device and increases the features available for the user.
KRT Zestaw wypożyczeniowy It equips the generator with 6 way fuel valve, manual battery switch and docs holder. Strongly recommended for renting purposes.
LPT Taca zbierająca wyciek It avoids that any liquid leak present in the engine may drop from the generator to the ground.
PHS Coolant Pre-Heating System It improves the behaviour of the engine when starting in cold weather conditions and extends its lifetime.
EFT Podgrzewanie płynu chłodzącego It increases the autonomy of the generator by placing a fuel tank with extended capacity instead of the standard one inside the canopy.
TLP Terminal niskopotencjałowy It provides extra electrical contacts that allow the user to monitorize the generator status by external signalling.
GSB Galwanizowane płozy It improves the resistance and transport of the generator when a rough handling is expected. Strongly recommended for construction and rental purposes.
RES Tłumik dzwiękoszczelny It reduces the sound level of the generating emissions by installing a metal silencer directly on the engine. It comes as standard on soundproof generators.
RTR Przyczepy It allows the user to transport the generator by road with a vehicle.
STR Przyczepy It allows the user to move the generator using a slow towing vehicle (< 30 km/h).