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Power solutions for extreme weather conditions in Norway

Power Generators-Oil and Gas-Norway


PRAMAC has been selected by STATOIL, an integrated worldwide oil and gas company, to support a project in Norway, with the supply of a generating set operating at very low temperatures. The genset has been placed inside a 25’ container, equipped with motorized louvers and electric fans to extract residual hot air generated by the engine, as a self-standing heating system. The engine has been equipped with water and oil pre-heaters, and an electric fan radiator installed in the external container space. The pre-heated fuel, supplied from an external tank, through insulated pipes, has made the installation suitable to work in -20° C




• Power LTP 1630 kVA

• Power PRP 1557 kVA

• Frequency 50 Hz

• Tension 690 V

• Power factor 0,8

• Engine MTU 12V4000G61

• Alternator STAMFORD HCI7F

• Electrical radiator

• Container 25’ noise level 85 +/-3 dB(A) @ 7 m

• Motorized louvers

• Genset suitable for low temperature (-20°C)

• Engine water and oil preheating systems

• Parallel panel