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Power solutions for oil extraction at arctic temperatures in Canada

PRAMAC_Bi-fuel genset_Oil and Gas_Canada


PRAMAC has supplied 30 Bi-Fuel generating sets to a Rental Company in Canada specialized in the oil field business. The Bi-Fuel gensets have been integrated into a larger oil field skid system with other devices. Every genset runs at least 12h per day since it has to supply power to all devices of the oil field system.

The sizes of the gensets supplied are two:

- 75kWe Prime Power

- 90kWe Prime Power

In addition, they have been installed to power the various machines and light-feeding systems for oil extraction.

Additionally, the gensets have been equipped with arctic package, such as oversized batteries, motorized louvers and heaters, in order to work down to -40°C.

The bi-fuel gensets are the ideal solution for long running applications with variable load as required in the oil field business where natural gas is available and really cheap.


• Power PRP  75kWe & 90kWe
• Frequency  60 Hz
• Voltage  208/120 V
• Engine  Perkins
• Alternator  Mecc Alte
• Extra key features   Silent canopy with arctic package: motorized louvers, oversized batteries, heaters and actuators to allow work down to -40°C. Bi-fuel package to work with Natural gas and Diesel fuels