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Power solutions for high noise-efficiency data centers in France

PRAMAC - Trelaze & Saint Ouen_Power generators_Data Center


PRAMAC has been selected by BULL to secure 2 Datacenters. BULL, now named ATOS is one of the leader in computer systems and datacenters. The 2 sites are located in Trelaze, western France and Saint Ouen in the East of Paris area.

Each site is equipped with 4 generators GCW875P in parallel. The generators provide emergency power, in case of mains failure, to all the electrical components and computer systems. PRAMAC was chosen for its capability to produce canopies with high noise efficiency.


• Power LTP  874 kVA

• Power PRP  807 kVA

• Frequency  50 Hz

• Voltage  400 V

• Engine  PERKINS 4006-23TAG3A

• Alternator  MECCALTE ECO 43 1S

• Extra Key Features   Soundproof enclosure noise level 75dB at 7m