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Power solutions for China National Genebank

Pramac_Shenzen Gene Bank_Power Generators_ Data Center


PRAMAC has been selected by the China National Genebank (CNGB) to provide back-up power for their data center with GSW2270M and GSW2040M generators.
The Shenzhen-based CNGB focuses on the development of life science research and public welfare services platforms. For the purpose of maintaining the lifeblood of national survival, they store and manage their own genetic resources, biological information and genetic data.

CNGB, also known as “Noah’s ark”, is the only one of its kind in China, and  represents the fourth largest genetic database in the world.

CNGB’s data center must respect very tight requirements, in order to reach TIER3 grade. 
The city’s electric grid uses double-loop power supply and the UPS adopts N+N redundancy.
The data center is equipped with two GSW2270M/1800KW units, one main and one standby, and the fire emergency power supply adopts a GSW2040M/1600KW unit.



• Power LTP 2298

• Power PRP 2098

• Frequency 50

• Voltage 400

• Engine MTU 16V4000G23

• Alternator Leroy Somer LSA 52.3 S7


• Power LTP 2050

• Power PRP 1842

• Frequency 50

• Voltage 400

• Engine 12V4000G63

• Alternator LSA 52.3 S5

• Extra key features MPP