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Pramac gas generator for a critical standby application in a South of France hospital

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PRAMAC installed a Mission Critical Standby GAS generator set, model GGW500G for the hospital of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in the South of France.
The hospital needed an eco-friendly system due to its location, the center of an old village located on an island and surrounded by the river Sorgue: an exceptional site classified as a Natura 2000 area. The choice of a fuel with the lowest environmental impact was indeed essential.
Pramac’s range of gaseous generator-sets, fuelled by Natural Gas, produces no particulate matter and 20% less CO2 emissions than an equivalent Diesel. But most of all, not having on-site fuel storage, it avoids any risks of leakages of fuel and contamination of the ground. This made gas as the only fuel option allowed by the Local Authorities.
Fuelled through a permanent connection to the Gas grid, which allows a continuous and virtually unlimited supply of backup power during an utility outage, together with the advantages coming from the installation, which doesn’t require having complex systems of fuel storage and transfer from reservoirs to the gen-set, were key features of the Pramac gas-generator which contributed to the selection of this model. For the requested type of operation, the full load acceptance in less than 10 seconds was a unique feature of this family of gas gen-sets which GGW500G belongs to.
This generator set was designed for a Mission Critical Standby, one of the most demanding applications.
The engineering firm that specified the standby system had approved Natural Gas as a safe and reliable fuel for Life Safety application. This has resulted in the AHJ (Autority Having Jurisytiction) providing its approval for the PRAMAC gas gen-set, which was designed and built in accordance with French NFE37312 requirements.
PRAMAC complied with the client's request providing a solution that perfectly fit the application’s critical peculiarities.


• Power ESP 500 
• Power PRP 450
• Frequency 50Hz
• Voltage 400
• Engine Generac
• Alternator Mecc Alte