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PRAMAC generators for Commercial and Retail sites

The shopping center is an established part of our life and something we tend to take for granted. Today’s stores are large retail outlets offering far more than just groceries. They are well-lit emporiums with wide aisles, inviting decors and specialized sections featuring a wide assortment of foods.

This is a competitive business, where major supermarket chains seek to gain an edge by featuring more locations, attractive pricing, a broad selection of products and a first class shopping environment. The key to success is building brand loyalty by offering visitors a convenient, comfortable experience that features exemplary customer service and encourages return visits.
A power outage is something that could affect significantly the entire business: not only the customers will be inconvenienced, but also much of the refrigerated and frozen food will be harmed. Having a generator onsite allows to keep the mall operating, avoiding those kinds of problems and losses.

No matter what your need is, PRAMAC's goal is to protect your business from damaging power outages; our continuous and backup generators will keep every store working whenever utility power is missing or interrupted, ensuring that the customer service is maintained at its usual high level.

The success of any shopping mall depends upon the satisfaction of its customers, and their desire to return. Anything that disrupts their visit will disappoint them, and will affect its reputation.

Unpredictable power interruptions occur from time to time and may last for minutes or hours. Standby and continuous PRAMAC power generators keep every business humming in the event of a utility power outage and minimize the impact of power outages on its bottom line.

All PRAMAC components are all specifically designed and built to meet the highest reliability and performance standards.

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