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PRAMAC generators for construction sites

The construction industry is a highly competitive, dynamic and challenging business, able to enjoy fast growth in orders and covering a large part of the total employment in every country. The main drivers behind the growth are the housebuilding, the work on civil engineering and the commercial construction. In every field, PRAMAC is the right partner to meet all your needs of power supply, with special and customized products for continuous & prime power supply.

When you are running a business, power concerns are always in the back of your mind. Continuous and prime generators are mainly used in remote locations or where there is a limitation on the amount of electric power that can be drawn from the grid. For companies with manufacturing processes that cannot be interrupted, or those with production deadlines, it is essential to keep operating, even when utility power is interrupted or unavailable.

PRAMAC is a provider of power-producing equipment with an intense focus on innovation that creates a disruptive force in the market. The company has developed large-scale projects in the construction industry for the realization of several major projects around the world.

We manufacture rugged diesel generators to provide the power needed with extreme weather resistant enclosures, should the generators be located on a mountain, near the ocean, or subject to a variety of weather events, offering full technical support during the commissioning and installation.

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