Pramac supports the “Fiorenzo Fratini Association”


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  • Pramac supports the “Fiorenzo Fratini Association”

  • Pramac-Fiorenzo Frantini Onlus
  • It is with great enthusiasm that Pramac contributes to the fundraising campaign organized by the Fiorenzo Fratini Association, which has distributed in 2016 230,000 euro to support 12 non-profit projects, thanks to the sponsorship and donations from foundations, companies and private citizens.

    Even for the year 2017 the objectives set by the Fiorenzo Fratini Association are of great social impact and involve large projects such as, among others, the one related to the “Youth Distress" sponsored by the Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome, the "Restart smiling" initiative dedicated to the Dynamo Camp children, the "Family Project" promoted by the Little Sisters of the Poor “Casa dei Cento Vecchi” based in Florence that helps and give hospitality to elderly people in poor conditions and the psycho-oncology project carried out by the Tuscany Cancer Association (Associazione Tumori Toscana Onlus).

    Pramac will support the Fiorenzo Fratini Association with a “Gold” sponsorship and, in collaboration with Pramac Racing, will provide two passes for one of the MotoGp events during the 2017 season. The two exclusive passes, which will give the opportunity to experience a MotoGP weekend together with the technicians and riders of the Pramac Racing team, will be part of the prizes of the lottery organized on the occasion of the Gala evening on Saturday, April 8th  at Palazzo Vecchio (Florence).