Scissor lift pallet truck in stainless steel AISI304


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  • Scissor lift pallet truck in stainless steel AISI304

  • The stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck is one of the new products of the Material Handling Equipment division presented during the PRAMAC European Branch Meeting. Available with manual or electric lifting, this product allows an elevation up to 800 mm enabling the operator to position the load at the ideal height with less effort and increased ergonomics when handling and storing goods. 

    Being entirely made in stainless steel AISI 304 including the lifting pump and the hydraulic components, the scissor pallet truck is suitable to be used in humid and corrosive environments and in every application where a high level of hygiene is essential, avoiding corrosion problems caused by the use of acids and salt solutions.

    To ensure the stability of the load and protect the people involved in loading, the machine is equipped with lateral stabilizing rollers, which lean on the ground when load is lifted. Waterproof bearings and polyamide bushings meet the food industry requirements.

    Thanks to the product specifications (hydraulic oil certified for the food industry - NSF H1) and to the use of gel batteries on the electric version, the machines are certified UNI EN 1672-1 2014 (Food Processing Machinery - Basic Concepts) and UNI EN 1672 -2 2009 (Food processing machinery – Hygiene requirements).

    The stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck is a perfect tool in the food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry. Resistant, easy to handle and ergonomically designed, it fully meets the strictest hygiene requirements thanks to the possibility of high-pressure washing.
    This product joins the rest of the Mr. Hydro manual range which includes the I-NOX hand pallet truck, the only hand pallet truck worldwide made in techno-polymer and stainless steel, the GS / G, galvanized hand pallet truck, GS / I and GS / P INOX, manual pallet truck with weighing system made entirely of stainless steel and bronze.