Light and Power: Campinoti’s business thrives riding MotoGP


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  • Light and Power: Campinoti’s business thrives riding MotoGP

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  • What does a bridge over the Senegal river, a mine in the Chilean Atacama Desert, an Ethiopian dam and the night races of the adrenaline fueled Formula One and MotoGP races in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Qatar- all have in common?  They are all powered by Pramac.

    Pramac’s globetrotting success seems unstoppable. A company which has at its core over half a century of brilliance and entrepreneurial spirit, and a thirst for adventure. Its ambition and values have enabled the company to thrive by adapting to serve a wide range of markets from producing construction machinery to today, where it has become part of the world’s third largest group of generator manufacturers.   

    “Predominantly, we provide power- says Paolo Campinoti- and these days, energy back-up is essential.

    “A generator has several functionalities. Its prime function is to provide power and generate energy in remote areas or in situations where there is no national grid, which have been hit by severe circumstances- from wars to natural disasters- and for use in underdeveloped countries which have no national grid to plug into.

    “Secondly power generation is required when surplus power is needed as a stand-by or as a back-up power unit in the eventuality of an emergency power shut down or failure for the likes of hospitals, manufacturing, food production and multinational businesses.

    “With increasing pressure on national grids in developed countries such as the UK and America, back-up power generation is becoming much more appealing for private, residential home owners too.”

    If a generator was considered as an option in the past, now it is a necessity.

    Last year, Pramac signed an agreement with the American company Generac, the market leader in manufacturing the widest range of power products including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators.

    “The merger between the two companies presented mutual opportunities allowing Generac to remain focused on the American market (USA, Mexico and Canada) while we positioned ourselves to become their right arm in Europe and its international power partner serving the rest of the world […].  

    The partnership between Generac and Pramac is also allowing us to expand our product portfolio.  A key area for Generac is gas-fueled generation whilst our product sets traditionally include diesel and petrol gen-sets, but Generac’s gas products present cleaner and cheaper alternatives. We are working hard on developing other fuel sources such as ethanol and biodiesel. We have also launched several hybrid machines- battery and diesel- to further reduce CO2 emissions and improve consumption.

    “These are exciting times for us and already we are seeing demand grow for alternative fuels with two recent installations on electrification projects in Somalia and Sudan”, states Paolo Campinoti.

    However, Pramac does not just stand for generators. Since 2002, it has positioned itself as a lead protagonist in the sport industry too, where it has its own MotoGP team. To get the Italian full text of the interview by Massimo Calandri, click here