PRAMAC for Data Center: the Aruba project


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  • PRAMAC for Data Center: the Aruba project

  • Pramac for Data Center - Aruba
  • The relationship between PRAMAC and Aruba – Tuscany-based Company, leader in web services – dates back to 2015, when PRAMAC designed a tailored power solution for the company’s Data Center in Arezzo in order to ensure power continuity and redundancy in the site.

    The solution consisted in two data center customized generators, which contributed to Aruba’s rating 4 certification, awarded by the data center sector’s institutions.

    However, the collaboration did not stop there, as PRAMAC and Aruba teamed up again in the design of another power solution in Aruba and Italy’s largest Data Center Campus in Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo).

    To celebrate PRAMAC’s relationship with Aruba, we filmed a short documentary during one of the last visits to the Arezzo Data Center.
    You can watch the video below: