Pramac's hybrid generator for one of Africa's biggest telecom operators


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  • Pramac's hybrid generator for one of Africa's biggest telecom operators

  • Pramac - Hybrid Solution
  • One of the biggest telecom operators in Middle East and Africa was researching a solution to reduce their worldwide site costs. The application concerned an off-grid site in east Africa.

    Pramac proposed a Hybrid Solution, specifically designed and built for Telecom applications, to accomplish the customer’s objective of cost savings. Hybrid solutions are designed to provide reliable power for long intervals in off-grid and remote locations.

    Pramac’s hybrid box is a modular and versatile solution, which allows extreme flexibility in adding renewable power sources, and allows the customer to save 70% compared to traditional solutions.

    The selected Pramac Hybrid Solution GTW14P is equipped with variable speed DC generator, OPzV battery pack, remote control system, representing a reliable, innovative and cost-effective solution for off-grid sites, where quality power needs to be supplied 24/7.

    Thanks to the remote control system, the client can control the genset’s status anywhere, anytime via laptop, smartphone or tablet, while the 1000-hours kit free maintenance ensures longer maintenance intervals. It is expected that the adoption of Pramac’s hybrid solution will increase the power generation system’s lifetime up to 7 years compared to traditional AC diesel genset solutions.

    To learn more about Pramac's telecom solutions, download our Telecom Brochure

    Pramac's Hybrid Telecom Solution

    The Hybrid Solution, designed for Telecom Towers and providing cost savings up to 70%