Meet Power Design Pro™, Pramac’s new generator sizing software


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  • Meet Power Design Pro™, Pramac’s new generator sizing software

  • Generator sizing has never been easier - learn why with Power Design Pro™ by Pramac
  • Pramac announces that the Power Design Prothe most powerful electrical design and sizing tool on the market – is now live. Designed by engineers for engineers (in collaboration with Generac), the software is meant to be a one-stop-solution center and guide for consulting engineers and design studios.

    Available in eight different languages, Power Design Pro incorporates Pramac’s power generation expertise to make specifying generators as easy as possible. The tool’s innovative technology models the load’s true characteristics and includes both harmonic and transient analysis, guaranteeing a full generator-to-load compatibility with an accuracy that is unmatched by any other software solution.

    The possibility to share the created projects with colleagues, team members and installers makes it the best possible tool to support all the stages of power design, promoting collaboration and connecting you directly to your trusted expert.
    Being a cloud-based software, Power Design Pro allows you to start working from home and easily pick up from where you left off when in the office.


    In case you detect problems, bugs or inconveniences while using Power Design Pro, contact us at