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Power solutions for a water treatment plant in France

Power Generators-Water Treatment-Frejus-France


PRAMAC has been selected by a 40-years-experienced manufacturer of machinery and electrical equipment to provide a water treatment plant set in Fréjus, in the south of France, with an emergency power supply.

The GCW1400P open version generators designed by PRAMAC are coupled with the EDF network and work in « EJP ».


GCW1400 P

• Power LTP 1400 kVA

• Power PRP 1266 kVA

• Frequency 50 Hz

• Tension 400 V

• Engine PERKINS 4012-46 TWG2A

• Alternator MECCALTE ECO43-2L

• Open Version

• EDF connection network

• Working in EJP

• Double electrical start