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Power solutions for a water treatment facility in Texas

Power Generators-Water Treatment-Huston-Texas-USA


PRAMAC has been chosen to join in this project promoted by the City of Houston (Texas) and consisting of some generators in a water treatment facility scheduled to be re-built. PRAMAC was able to offer a package consisting of a GSW870M installed on a 2000-gallon UL142 base fuel tank as a more cost effective solution than re-building the existing generators. Due to the importance of the project - part of the emergency management and hurricane preparedness plan of the City of Houston - PRAMAC provided also personnel on-site training on use, maintenance and initial start-up for each generator set.



• Power LTP 1022 kVA

• Power PRP 926 kVA

• Frequency 60 Hz

• Tension 480 V

• Power factor 0,8

• Engine MTU 12V2000G85

• Alternator STAMFORD HCI6G

• Canopy noise level 75 +/-3 dB(A) @ 7 m

• Baseframe suitable for bigger tank under genset

• Automatic panel