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Power solutions for environmental emergencies in Spain

Power Generators-On Board-Madrid-Spain


PRAMAC provided the Madrid Fire Station with a GSW67P generator mounted on a special truck platform to serve all the operations of the station, especially in case of floods. The generator, specifically designed and engineered for this special project, has detachable doors without butt hinges, alternator with AREP field excitation system and a special IP67 socket motor protection kit.



• Alternator with AREP field excitation system

• Special socket kit IP67

• Detachable doors

• Power LTP 66,6 kVA

• Power PRP 61,0 kVA

• Frequency 50Hz

• Voltage 380V

• Engine Perkins

• Alternator Leroy Somer

• Any possible extra features: Alternator with AREP field excitation systems, sockets kit IP67, detachable doors