Pramac, we are the energy generation!


Power solutions for electrification of remote areas in Gabon

PRAMAC_Power generators_Power Plant_Gabon

Gabon is a country with high population growth and an explosion of urbanization. The Société d'Énergie et d'Eau du Gabon, to finalize its mission of public service - producing, transporting and distributing drinking water and electricity - selected PRAMAC as supplier thanks to its reputation and market leadership position to provide the outlying suburbs of all the area of the Gabonese national territory with electricity.


PRAMAC is currently supplying nine power stations composed of 27 PRAMAC units from GSW110V to GSW460V & 9 control cubicles. Those units have been dispatched all over Gabon from North to South & from West to East: Ndindi, Ebel Abanga, Bifoun, Ovan, Mimongo, Minvoul, Moabi, Mekambo, Mandji. The goal of those power stations is to electrify the landlocked regions of the Gabonese territory.


• Power LTP  Total of 6 993kVA ie around 7MVA
• Power PRP  Total of 6 415 kVA ie around 6,4MVA
• Frequency  50Hz
• Voltage  400/230V
• Engine  VOLVO
• Alternator  MECC ALTE