Pramac, we are the energy generation!



PRAMAC plays a role of leading actor in the industry by combining performance and reliability, expanding and diversifying its product offer to keep pace with the times and meet the new requirements. In order to strengthen and develop its presence on the market, PRAMAC produces, develops, and markets around the world, highly diversified product lines, which are due to two business priorities: handling equipment and electrical power generators. To this we add a special after-sales customer support that Pramac offers with great efficiency and reliability all over the world.


Today’s energy grid is facing an unprecedented set of challenges, a need to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, spiking demand due to the increased electrification of electric vehicles, homes and consequently infrastructure instability.

In this phase of global transition from diesel to use of alternative fuels/energy sources, energy storage is the common denominator that enables alternative technologies to be used. These systems deliver clean and efficient energy solutions across a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

Our solutions are mobile power banks with different enclosures configurations (canopy, container, trailer mounted) for constructions, events, utilities, remote off-grid for commercial and domestic, EV charging. Being a global company, responding to very different scenarions in terms of energy management, PRAMAC will continue to offer solutions for every operational demand, both for Standby and Prime use applications with diesel and gas engine options available.


With our industrial natural gas generators we are able to offer the opportunity, in addition to their use as an emergency standby asset, to be used for self-power generation, lowering or eliminating the peak of consumption from the utility and generating economic advantages for the clients.