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How do I select the right hand pallet truck? 
The best way to choose the right hand pallet truck is according to the weight of the load and on the size of the pallet you have to handle.
Why should I use an electric pallet truck? 
You should choose an EPT in order to minimize the operator’s effort, increase your operating efficiency and have the possibility to work on ramps.
How do I select a stacker? 
You should select the right stacker based on the weight of the goods to move, on the residual lifting capacity, on the elevation you need to reach when handling the load and on the maximum height of the working site.
Working in a warehouse: what is the difference between a manual stacker and an electrical one?
The manual and the semi-electric stackers are moveable, versatile and easily manoeuvrable: the correct machine for low load weight and occasional usage. Electric units allow much higher efficiency and a significant reduction of the operator’s effort.
Do you have any special material handling solution for a safe and hygienic working environment?
The stainless steel and galvanized series, available in a several number of models, are the ideal tools to handle loads in humid and damp conditions. In particular the stainless steel model is suitable for environments where high hygienic standards are enforced, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food & beverage industry.
Is the size of the forks essential when choosing a pallet truck or a stacker? 
Yes, it is; there are several sizes of pallets and many applications with different handling needs compared to the standard Europallet (EPAL) one. We can offer a wide range of solutions to meet any specific customer request. 
I have to move some heavy stuff from a warehouse to another one, but the surfaces are neither smooth nor paved. Is this a problem? 
Pramac MHE products are in-house and warehouse equipment machines designed for working indoor, on flat surface or ramps for electric units; perfect for many applications, they are especially designed for smooth paved areas rather than rough surfaces.
Why Pramac Material Handling? Is not Pramac a power generation company? 
PRAMAC’s history begins in 1966, when the Campinoti family founded L’Europea, a construction equipment company focused mainly on the Italian market. In the mid-1980s, the group product range was expanded to include not only the production of generator sets, but also the one of pallet trucks and stackers, through the acquisition of the company Lifter Srl. From this point onwards, PRAMAC has been expanding its activities in both the energy and material handling sector, producing, marketing in Italy, and worldwide a wide and flexible product range.