Pramac, we are the energy generation!


Career Center Overview

Our values

People and teams. PRAMAC Group’s employees represent our most important resource. They work in teams day by day in order to build the company's success, united by the common desire to improve, sharing objectives and results achieved together.

Tradition and Innovation. There's no future without awareness of one's own history and one's own past. The PRAMAC Group planted its roots in the '60s and over the years has managed to diversify its business by pursuing a common denominator: energy channelled into passion, movement and life.

Passion and integrity. We firmly believe that the passion and enthusiasm of our human resources are the key factors of our success. Aware of our company's history, we strive to represent it through behaviour based on fairness, integrity and respect for everyone.

Our Human Resources are a strategic factor for our success

PRAMAC Group is constantly on the lookout for new talents who will be our future managers and specialists in the Power and Material Handling Equipment sectors, and will form part of an international team dedicated to the development of our business on the global market. 

We cater for people able to work in an international environment who are proactive, versatile and lovers of challenge. PRAMAC Group places its trust in human resources, and based on their merit, is ready to entrust them with positions of increasing responsibility. We train our talents through inner growth pathways to enable them to operate in complex situations, armed with the values and consolidated success of our Group. 

A dynamic atmosphere

Job rotation is frequent because we believe it is essential to ensure our people are dynamic, fast at decision-making, and ready for change. We create innovation together with them. We give them the chance to work in highly motivated international teams characterised by effective inter-functioning. In fact, we are convinced that the diversified professional experiences in the Group's myriad of different areas help our human resources acquire new and more in-depth skills. Mobility within the Group also allows us to share culture and know-how on a global level, thereby becoming a growth factor for the individual assets involved and for the Group as a whole.

Right from the start the PRAMAC Group encourages its human resources to be accountable for their own decisions and activities, despite always working within the logic of a team with the ability to share ideas, projects and challenges. This website offers a variety of services concerning the PRAMAC Group's human resources sector: consultation of all available job opportunities, use of an online application form, and a quick search for open positions all make it easy to get in touch with our organisation. 

The purpose of our HR team is to attract, valorise and retain all those who believe in our culture and values, and who wish to contribute to the development of our organisation. In order to support the line managers, the HR team aims at ensuring the constant alignment of everyone with our strategic objectives.

The selection process

The selection process takes place in a structured manner, in full respect of equal opportunities and without any discrimination of gender, race, religion or any other type of classification. We want to recruit the best talents for the positions we offer, appraising applicants depending on their skills and professional profiles and adopting assessment and selection techniques based on the professionalism of the resources involved, with the utmost attention to the specific needs of each applicant. The right person in the right place: that is our goal. Finally, after identifying the applicant, we take steps to implement all necessary activities to facilitate the new employee's insertion into a collaborative and available environment that will foster his/her professional growth.