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Transpaleti electrici

Home Lifter - Electric pallet trukcs Solutii compacte pentru depozite


Cauta in site

  • In the heart of Tuscany, just a short walk from Pr Industrial's HQs, the “Pramac Village School” has just opened its doors. The structure has been built by state funds, own resources and the contribution of private companies such as Pr Industrial 

  • With a long-time experience, Powermate by PRAMAC is one of the world's leading brands of portable generators, inverters and water pumps.

  • The partnership between Pramac and Aruba, Tuscan leading company in the field of web hosting and cloud services, continues successfully.


  • In his interview to Repubblica, Paolo Campinoti, Pramac Group’s CEO, reveals the secret of success behind the Casole d’Elsa-based company: “Our core strengths are quality and competitive pricing. But the real market advantage lies in our abilities to adapt and be active in every corner of the globe.”