Pramac participating at Telefonica’s “10th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change”


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  • Pramac participating at Telefonica’s “10th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change”

  • Pramac attended the 10th edition of the Telefonica Workshop on energy and climate change
  • The Telefónica Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is a yearly meeting of the company’s leaders in energy transformation and other principal collaborating companies.
    This year, the event has been staged in Sevilla (Spain), taking place between October 8 and 11.
    The event’s main goal is to encourage innovation in order to reduce Telefónica’s energy consumption and carbon footprint at a global level.
    Pramac - participating as Silver partner - presented its products and solutions addressed to Telecom towers and switching/data centers with a focus on the advantages of its latest developments such as hybrid power systems and gas powered generators.
    Andrea Ercolino, Head of Product Management at Pramac, was called to contribute on the sessions dedicated to energy efficiency and technological innovations: “It has been a pleasure and really interesting to be part of the workshop. Telefonica has great commitments for shaping the future of energy consumption, efficiency and emissions reduction. After achieving all their goals before their 2020 deadline, the company set their new goals for the next 5-10 year period. Their ambition is to cut their energy consumption per unit of traffic by 85%, reducing greenhouse by 50% and obtaining all of their energy from renewable sources.
    The new goals bring about several challenges, especially considering that the firm will be busy deploying the new 5G technology for the next 10 years: for several years, the new and incumbent network systems will run in parallel, consequently increasing Telefonica’s energy demands.
    Thanks to its large product portfolio and capability of engineering solutions, Pramac can help Telefonica and many Telecom companies meet their energy efficiency and emission goals with the definition of sustainable and reliable power systems that are suitable for any application, including telecom towers, switching and data centers. 
    Our hybrid packages, gas generators and modular/scalable solutions can meet the most demanding requirements from any site in the world.”