We are the Energy Generation - Pramac's brand new ad


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  • We are the Energy Generation - Pramac's brand new ad

  • Pramac - We are the Energy Generation
  • “For those who always run, for those who create energy, for those who keep on producing”.
    Pramac’s new marketing campaign – produced by Shado – is addressing the Energy Generation.

    The video was aired by Italian broadcaster TV8 just moments before the Spain Grand Prix in Jerez de la Frontera started, and will be aired in future venues of the MotoGP.

    Once again, Pramac shows its sporting essence not only by competing in MotoGP with the Alma Pramac Racing team, but also by partnering with Dorna’s British Talent Cup, the collaboration with Jack and Mick Doohan and by title sponsoring the 2018 German Grand Prix next July in Sachsenring, which will be named after Pramac.

    And it’s with the adrenaline of motorsports that the video takes pace, starting with one of the best case studies that link Pramac and its generating sets to the world of races: the circuit in Loasil, Qatar, where Pramac’s generators light the nightly-held races since way back in 2006.

    In reality energy is the engine that puts Pramac at the center of a generation that is fueled by energy: those who never stop, who never give up, and we are not only talking about athletes but fans, students, innovators, makers, builders, workers…

    Pramac is the symbol of a community made of people that live and act with passion, handling emergencies, always working with endless energy.

    Pramac not only has world-class technical expertise, but a brand with values that are centered on people, a place that welcomes stories and experiences of those that are on the field every single day, that never stop chasing their dream… in short, the Energy Generation.

    Enjoy the video in the player below: