Pramac's Hybrid Solution helps Telecom Giant save 70%


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  • Pramac's Hybrid Solution helps Telecom Giant save 70%

  • Pramac - Hybrid Solution
  • Seventy percent savings on fuel costs and a significant genset lifespan increase. These are the first, convincing findings emerging from three-month trial period carried out by the hybrid GTW14P genset – installed by Pramac in northern Africa to supply power to one of the biggest Telecom operators in the Africa and Middle East landscape.

    Therefore, Pramac’s hybrid system – equipped with a variable-speed DC Generator and VRLA batteries – not only met but exceeded the initial expectations, enabling the customer to save as much as 70% if compared to traditional solutions. Taking a closer look at the details, a lower usage of the engine – 70% less runtime compared to a classic generating set – allows remarkable fuel savings and limits the required on-site travels for refueling: the unit needs to be refueled once a semester, drastically reducing maintenance costs.

    Moreover, the system support photovoltaic energy integration: installing photovoltaic panels maximizes the hybrid’s machine saving potential. The modular design of the generator makes the integration easy and intuitive.

    Opting for a hybrid system – however – is not merely convenient in terms of savings: a remote monitoring system allows controlling the functioning of the genset from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or laptops, whilst the 1000 hours maintenance kit allows for longer maintenance intervals.

    Therefore, operators can limit on-site maintenance and servicing visits, which Pramac’s Hybrid System requires three times a year. This saves the customer up to 88% on maintenance costs compared to traditional diesel generators. Additionally, the hybrid solution guarantees a longer genset longevity, amounting up to three times as much as traditional, diesel-only power generators.

    Pramac Hybrid Solution for Telecom